About Us

The Safe America FoundationTM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit licensed by the state of Georgia. Chartered in 1994, the foundation partners with corporate, governmental, public and private sector organizations, and other nonprofits to improve the safety awareness of Americans nationwide.

In our role to help veterans specifically, we have established the Home Front Veterans Assistance Center.

The Home Front Veterans Assistance Center’s main purpose is to help veterans transition back into their civilian life by providing guidance and information on housing, education, employment and accessing VA benefits.

It is located within Atlanta Medical Center, 340 Boulevard, Suite 523, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia and is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The Center provides health and welfare resources to veterans and their families in the 21-county metropolitan Atlanta region.

While the Home Front Center offers assistance in the four main areas (housing, education, employment and accessing VA benefits), the majority of the staff work is on coordinating and providing access to emergency, temporary, and transitional housing for homeless Veterans.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that Georgia has more than 1,400 Veterans who are homeless.  More than half of them are unsheltered.

The Safe America Foundation’s Emergency Housing program is focusing on:

  • housing Homeless Female Veterans and their families
  • assisting Homeless Female Veterans in identifying local assets and programs available to help them reintegrate back into the civilian world.
  • building Vetv.us an online Resource Portal for all Veterans
  • staffing and managing the “Home Front Transition Center at the Atlanta Medical Center where all Veterans can use computers, phones and support in finding the resources they need

Through our partnerships we have identified homeless women veterans with children in metro Atlanta and are committed to housing these families.

Meet the Team


Len Pagano

CEO, Founder


Mary Lou Pagano

Chief Operating Officer


Ted Waldbart

Senior Vice President for Veterans Assistance

Our Focus

The Safe America Foundation's focus is to be the voice for safety in emerging safety issues; in terms of veterans, our goal is to serve those veterans recently returned from deployment find shelter, medical care, employment and counseling for PTSD.

Our Mission

Safe America's mission is to educate the public and thought leaders on existing and emerging health and safety issues; and to develop, distribute and facilitate programing that impacts personal behavior and extends life.

In terms of veterans specifically, we strive to end homelessness, provide services to newly returning vets, especially those with PTSD.  We also provide social events, such as our annual 'Team Up With a Vet' at the Atlanta Braves game over Memorial Day weekend, and assist and coordinate hygiene supply drives for VA hospitals.