Chairman Robb Pitts Salutes Safe America; Plans Partnership

Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts met recently with Safe America CEO Len Pagano, noting his interest to dialogue on partnering with Safe America on its new transportation.

Mr. Pitts, who spoke this past November of at Safe America’s ‘Fall Forum,’ has offered his support of Safe America’s HUMANS Care program, providing transportation for victims of human trafficking. The same vehicles – donated by AMR – will be used for transporting non-ambulatory veterans. “We’re delighted to have Chairman Pitts offer his support since there are thousands of veterans in Fulton County,” noted Len Pagano. “We’re also pleased that Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner (our Chairman-elect) and Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce are offering their support, also.”

With Extending Use of Our Ambulance Fleet for Human Trafficking,  Safe America will also recruit state leaders to utilize our transportation program.

Under the name, ‘HUMANS Care,’ Safe America is being led by Tim Echols, Vice Chairman of the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). Tim has introduced Len to Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy. And, at the same time, is involving state legislators.“We’re pleased at how these two diverse programs are benefiting from the new transportation we’re offering,” Pagano noted. “We’re looking forward to having more metro counties join us – and serving thousands statewide. Pagano noted the Vet Tran program is already being conceptualized for a launch in California with assistance from AMR.