The Safe America Foundation is starting to re-launch its VET Tran program, creating a ‘model’ in Metro Atlanta that will then go national over the next 2-5 years. Safe America President & CEO Len Pagano met with Kaiser Permanente Deputy Director of Military Services Terrill McFarland (in photo above) and complimented her for her support of relaunching VET Tran. Pagano noted that thanks to the recent vaccines of COVID-19, the Foundation was requested to re-start transportation for veterans. Ms. McFarland heard on Monday that Safe America has been supported by the VA and asked to re-start transportation this summer.  She also shared her support and mentioned a value of having veterans trainsported to Kaiser Permanente medical centers in Gwinnett, Cumberland, Towne Center and Southwood for veteran TRICARE.

“We’re proud to serve veterans – and will be proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente to help veterans get medical care,” noted Pagano. “We thank Terrill for her discussions and will look forward to starting to do work together.”

With thousands of veterans disabled or unable to drive themselves to medical care, Safe America started this program in 2019. The Veterans Administration (VA) had encouraged the program, noting that Safe America is a non-profit that has worked to serve veterans for the past 7 years.