Robert Cook, an engineer and member of the Knights of Columbus, has been assigned as the VET Tran ‘Logistics Manager’ by CEO Len Pagano. Mr. Cook will start today and help get two AMR-donated ambulance repaired for use this summer. Cook will also be a liaison to Knights of Columbus – in various Catholic Parishes in Metro Atlanta – and seek to get them to ‘volunteer’ in helping veterans getting to medical care. Other Safe America staff – plus police volunteers – will also be coordinated.

“We’re pleased to have Robert join us – and help Kirk Fordham and me launch VET Tran,” noted Pagano. “With over 25 Knights volunteering, it’s a great kick-off. And, we will work to offer service to other military non-profits who have members that may need a ride.”

Pagano added that the Veterans Administration (VA) has offered a kick-off event with Safe America. And, the VA had originally asked Safe America to help use its fleet and get veterans to health care. Now, with Safe America’s other medical and mental health contacts, Safe America will share more. “Thanks to my wife and COO, Mary Lou Pagano (a registered nurse), we’ll also look at PTSD and other mental health issues,” Pagano added. “We’ll look forward to more conversations – and along with our new Executive Vice President, Kirk Fordham, we’ll reach out to both for-profits and non-profits who can partner.”

For more information, call Safe America at (770)-509-7958.