Network Speech

More job seekers find new employment through job networking than through all other sources combined. Everyone is a networking contact. Everyone you meet in your job search will want to help you in your job search.  All you have to do is reach out and tell them how.

With those three principles in mind, compose your networking communications speech – then practice it until you can easily recite it whenever you have a networking opportunity.

1. What is your background? (not more than 15 seconds)
My name is _____________, and I have experience in [your industry or discipline].  Most recently, I have been with _________________, where I did [your duties/responsibilities, and add some accomplishments or achievements if possible].  [You may wish to mention here other significant data, e.g. academics or certifications.]

  1. What is your job objective?  (Clear and concise; five seconds should be enough.)
    Currently I am seeking ___________________.
  2. Most importantly, what information do you want from this person or group?  (another five seconds, and be specific.)  For example:
  • “If you know of anyone in my field with whom I could network, I would like to speak with you.”
  • “Two of my target companies are _____ and _______. Do you have any connections there?”
  • “I recently have found an opening with [name of company] that I am interested in pursuing.  If you know of anyone with that company or have information about the company, I would like to speak with you.”
  • “Do you know of any recruiters that specialize in my field?”
  • Do not ask a general question such as, “Do you have any suggestions for my job search?” You are not likely to receive any response, but instead ask for specific information.