First ask yourself the following questions:

Did you improve processes? Did you expand the business?
Did you oversee a special project? Did you attract new customers?
Did you save the company money? Did you increase profitability or productivity?
Did you resolve a specific problem? Did you win any awards or receive any special recognition?
Did you exceed performance expectations? Did you take initiative?
Did you received any special recognition? Did you do anything better than anyone else could?
Did you make the company money? Did you earn a promotion?
Did you make the company more competitive? Did you go above and beyond?
Did you set yourself apart from others? Did you supervise employees?

In order to be successful, please clarify the following items for your resume:

  • Focused on a specific job or career field.
  • A clear overview of what you have accomplished.
  • An answer to the question, “What makes you qualified for this position?”
  • Tailored to fit the position you applied for.

Steps to accomplish the preparation:

Decide what type of job you are interested in. Your resume must clearly identify the type of job you want and the career field you want to work in. Be specific. If your resume is vague, the recruiter or hiring manager is not likely to call you.

Write down everything you can think of regarding your past work experience. Take your time to make sure you remember everything that you have done so far in your career. It does not have to be perfect at this time.

Write down everything that comes to mind. You can prioritize and word smith later. The purpose right now is to gather as much information as possible You should include the following

  • Previous jobs
  • Duties performed at each job
  • Skills used to perform the duties at each job
  • Highest level of education
  • Certificates / Licenses
  • Skills
  • Strengths
  • Accomplishments
  • Awards and recognition that you have received
  • Professional organizations of which you are a member
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Other skills

Now select the items that apply to the position or career you have selected.

The items you selected from your list will be the basis for your resume.