Top Ten Tips

Goal of a resume is to land an interview.  Following are tips for success resume writing.

  1. Use active verbs in a telegraphic (verb first) style to describe the responsibilities you had in a particular job.
  2. The resume always has to reflect who you are so take suggestions from others and use what works for you.
  3. Always customize your resume for a particular job description. This would include the summary as well as the body of the resume. For some jobs you will highlight some responsibilities and some accomplishments and modify when applying for a different job.
  4. The resume should only be 2 pages at a maximum. Someone just graduating from school may only have 1 page.
  5. The body of the resume should be responsibilities and accomplishments. You should quantify both if possible.

6. Examples


Managed the network department


Managed the Verizon network staff of 15 people with an annual budget of $750,000.  This is a much stronger statement.


  • Reduced operating budget vs
  • Reduced operating budget from $1.2m to $750,000 while improving system up time to 98%.

7. Replace your Objective with Career Summary

8. Fonts Size Use 10 – 12 – Font Type – Use time tested font types such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia

9. Margins Adequate “white space” on all four sides to create a clean and readable look.

  • Space for the interviewer to make notes on the page.
  • Fitting all the content on one page (when appropriate).
  • In most cases, margins should be no less than a half inch and no greater than 1¼ inches, depending on the format you choose.