Writing Resume – The Basics

Please review section of resume preparation before you begin to write your resume. Please review the Resume top 10 tips.

Sections of a Resume Includes:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Resume Statement
  3. Resume Objective
  4. Career Summary
  5. Work Experience – Body of the resume
  6. Education
  7. Optional Sections
  8. Skills
  9. Accomplishments
  10. Honors and Awards
  11. Professional Associations/Volunteer Experience

John Smith

4211 Wayward Drive

Marietta, Ga. 300066




Professional Summary

Summarize your background and qualifications in terms of how they can benefit the employer and the job in no more than about three sentences or bullet points. Refer to and use words included in the job description.

  1. Work Experience, or Skills and Abilities.
  2. With a chronological resume, list work experience in reverse order to make recent experience the most relevant.
  3. With a functional resume, organize skills and abilities by type. For example, include subsections such as “Accounting,” “Organization and Planning” and “Customer Service and Support.”

Body of resume: What does it look like?

Keep the following statement in the front of your mind:

  1. This section must be relevant to your target position.
  2. You should modify your responsibilities and accomplishments to reflect the job description.
  3. Include the following information for each of your previous employers:
  • Company name, Job title, Location (city and state), Employment dates (start date and end date in MM/YYYY format). If there are gaps in your employment dates, be prepared to explain them in a job interview (or explain them in your cover letter).
  • Major accomplishments and results that you have achieved at each of your previous jobs. Use bullet points. Paragraphs are acceptable. However, I highly recommend bullet points because they are easier to follow.

For each job…

  1. Start each bullet point with an action word. Action words give the impression that you will take initiative.
  2. State major accomplishments and results.
  3. List the most important accomplishments first.
  4. Exclude information that is not relevant to the job you want.
  5. Use bold font for job titles and/or company names.
  6. Sprinkle in keywords from the job description so that you are speaking the employer’s language.

If you held more than one position at the same company, list each job title separately under the company name, and follow each job title with its own bullet points.

Be specific about accomplishments and results

Your goal is to tell the hiring manager what you accomplished during your prior work experience, and the results of your efforts. Show them how you can apply your work experience to add value to their organization. This section must reflect your accomplishments and results. Be specific.

  • Accomplishment = Streamlined processes
  • Result= 15% reduction in claim processing time
  • Accomplishment = Answered 90% of calls within 30 seconds
  • Result = 10% higher than performance expectations

These examples show proven results – exactly what the hiring manager wants to see. They tell the employer that you will perform better than what is expected of you.

Say it with…Numbers

  • 6 years of experience implementing wholesale marketing plans for two Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Received statewide recognition for exceeding sales quotas by 40%.
  • Consistently exceeded audit goals by 20% for the last 3 years.
  • Recruited, trained, and motivated 40-member marketing team at 3 locations.
  • Built client base of 230 customers, which is the highest in the company.


  • Restructured claims approval process, which decreased processing time by 20%.
  • Reduced product costs by 10%, while consistently adding improved product features.
  • Decreased travel expenses by 40% through monthly account reconciliation techniques.

Dollar amounts

  • Initiated claims investigation which resulted in the recovery of $150,000 insurance overpayments.
  • Decreased advertising costs by $12,000 per year through the negotiation of cost-effective contracts.
  • Saved the organization $6,000 using thorough data analysis and system upgrades.
  • Words like “first, only, best, most, highest.”
  • Only sales representative in the company to reach $100,000 in sales in one calendar year.
  • Motivated a team of 25 customer service representatives to achieve highest call center service levels in the Midwest area, 2 years in a row.
  • recruiter to hire over 65 qualified candidates in one quarter.

Preparing and writing a resume is work. It is worth your time and effort to make it your best effort and the best representation of who you are. Good luck with your job search.