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VETLANTA Urges Safe America to Fight ‘Stolen Valor’


Veterans deserve special consideration. And that’s known by most in society. Unfortunately, a growing number of non-veterans are taking advantage of this, claiming to be veterans in order to receive special consideration for services and – in some cases – assistance that is only meant for former military.



VETLANTA – a civic organization of Atlanta corporate leaders – has encouraged the Safe America Foundation to look at ways to expose those taking advantage of ‘veterans’ and stealing their ‘valor.’ VETLANTA Chairman Lloyd Knight of UPS has offered the organization’s support for anything that can be done to stop this abuse of veterans’ rights.

“We are pleased to work on this with VETLANTA and will discuss ways to address this at our October 26-27 WorldSafe Summit,” noted Safe America President & CEO Len Pagano. “Stealing the rights of veterans is inappropriate; and, we want to address this – making people recognize this and halting this.”

If you see evidence that an organization – or individual – is claiming to be a veteran (or veterans’ organization) and is NOT, contact Ted Waldbart at (770)-241-8806. And, for more details, you can Google ‘stolen valor’ or visit online sites such as military.com.