SFM Charities CEO Fr. Carlos Gonzalez (on right) and Father Samuel (on left) have met with SafeAmerica CEO Len Pagano over the past 5 years… and planning more now to help veterans ‘safer’ – in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico.

SFM Charities is partnering with the Safe America in 2024 to help veterans across the U.S. plus in Puerto Rico. Father Carlos Gonzalez – who met with SafeAmerica CEO Len Pagano – suggested a series of grants to raise major funds to help homeless veterans plus other tasks (like VET Tran).

“Father Carlos is a great non-profit leader… and a dear friend,” noted SafeAmerica’s Len Pagano. “And now, we’ll work together a LOT to help save lives.”

SafeAmerica will be hosting more meetings this March… with staff to consider how to help VFW, American Legion and other non-profits that have ‘partnered’ in 2023. More stories to come… on SNN, also.