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Primerica Notes Female Vets Needs Are ‘Important, too!’


Did you ever think that women veterans could be homeless? Or that they might consider suicide? These are two realities that helped Primerica commit to supporting the Safe America ‘Home Front’ Center and its VETV online program.



In 2018, this initiative will expand to work more closely with the VA and WellStar, providing referrals to those veterans who contact Safe America.

Chief Operating Officer Mary Lou Pagano noted that thanks to Primerica’s assistance, our female assistance initiative will expand over the next year, with female counselors being made available via WellStar and the VA.

“There is a growing number of women who face PTSD – and, there are other issues such as ‘Military Sexual Trauma’ (see below),” Mrs. Pagano noted. “we’re committed to dealing with this – and helping the 11% of women who served in Afghanistan and Iraq recover from the trauma they face.”

The following information was provided by the VA and explains the challenges women face.

For more information, contact Mary Lou Pagano at (404)-558-2212.