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WellStar AMC Offers Help to Veterans; Expands ‘Home Front’ program!


Dr. Albert Barrocas cares about veterans. So much so, that he’s volunteered to Chair Safe America’s ‘Home Front’ Task Force for 2018. Dr. Barrocas will attend – and oversee – a special panel that will be speaking October 26-27 at the WorldSafe Summit, to be held at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta.


“We’re proud of what WellStar Atlanta Medical Center is doing to organize mental health professionals as well as physicians and nurses to help veterans,” noted Safe America President & CEO Len Pagano. “We are proud of WellStar’s support, noting that its 11 medical facilities and other clinics are our ‘number 1 referral source’ for helping veterans and their families.”

To learn more about those services available, contact Ted Waldbart at (770)-241 – 8806.