As we celebrate Christmas, we hear lots of good sermons from ministers and priests. But, what if you learned about Bishop Bernard Shlesinger III who’s a great Bishop BUT is also a former veteran in the U.S. Army?

Yes, he’s quite impressive. And, Safe America’s CEO Len Pagano was admired to have a great visit and chat with Bishop Shlesinger before Christmas. As he got to hear more personally about ‘his’ years in the Army, Len was touched by Bishop Shlesinger (which is very admirable, also). Now, how Bishop Shlesinger states his empathy to help veterans is also impressive for all Catholics AND Protestants. Safe America looks forward to more conversations with him… and involving MORE Knights of Columbus (to help provide ‘VET Tran’ transportation for medical and mental health care). For now, God bless Bishop Shlesinger for the great ministry work he is doing. And, being a blessed veteran, also, who cares about ALL others!!