In Photo: Federal Government’s HHS / ASPR executive Frank Pascarelli explained how Safe America could help fight active shooter issues along with veterans and Knights of Columbus.
On Saturday, June 4, Knights of Columbus State Deputy Jim Clifford joined Metro Atlanta area Knights Chris McHugh and Roger Heil, planning to involve over 25 volunteers to serve ‘VET Tran.’ In a discussion with Safe America CEO Len Pagano, Mr. Clifford offered his support and noted meetings with Knight leaders in July will outline how to move forward.
“We look forward to more discussions and offering more insights to all Knights of Columbus,” noted Len Pagano. “With their 18,000 members in Georgia, this will be a great pilot project – with a goal to become a model for Knights all across the country.”
Pagano thanks Mr. Clifford, Chris McHugh and Roger Heil, noting that more conversations will finalize the basic ‘to do’ steps. More goals include a joint Safe America – VET Tran / Knights of Columbus app that can help people register for transportation a week ahead. Other goal include advising mental health care and helping offer family support.
Safe America noted that the Veterans Administration has offered a joint kick-off this summer. Safe America will report the date as soon as possible. Watch for another post on VETV for details.