A plan to add Knights of Columbus as Safe America volunteers led to a good conversation this weekend, with Safe America CEO Len Pagano (center) thanking Georgia Knights State Deputy Jim Clifford (left) and Dan Carfang, a Knights of Columbus (Council #10362), for their commitment for supporting Safe America. Both shared interest in exploring together with Safe America. And, Mr. Clifford suggested conversations this summer to see how to encourage men to drive veterans in Safe America’s VET Tran transportation. Another interest was in helping Safe America provide child car seats to disadvantaged babies. Called ‘Operation Baby Buckle,’ this program had shared 150,000 child car seats with Primerica, Walmart, GM and UPS offering support.

More conversations with Knights of Columbus are expected in Georgia this summer, with a goal of helping Knights of Columbus add more young men as members and do ‘excellent safety work.’ For information or registration, call (770)-509-7958.