Safe America Veteran’s Transportation Initiative

Take a Seat at SunTrust Park on May 18, 2019 As We Premiere ‘Vet Tran’ with Coors Light!

Thanks to MillerCoors Executive Tony Bugher (far left), Safe America will celebrate our launching oif ‘Vet Tran’ on May 18 at the Atlanta Braves-Milwaukee Brewers game. And, we’ll host veterans with former Braves stars such as outfielder Otis Nixon (far right) and former Braves pitcher (and current Alumni Director) Greg McMichael (second on left) who were with us last spring for our ‘Welcome Home Heroes’ event.
You can join us and salute. partners such as Lockheed Martin, Primerica, the VA Hospital and Allstate for their support while hosting veterans we’ll transport to SunTrust Park in the fleet of vehicles provided by AMR, Jim Ellis Automotive Group plus Checker Cab. These same vehicles we’ll use to transport veterans to medical facilities Donate $150 and you help host a veteran. For details, call Stephen George at (678)-437-4116.

Veteran Transportation Program

Thanks to a partnership with AMR, Jim Ellis Auto Group and Checker Cab, the Safe America Foundation is launching a program to help veterans get to the VA Hospital and regional clinics. Called ‘Vet Tran,’ it will seek to transport 100 veterans a week to medical care. And, Checker Cab will invite its cab riders to ‘round up’ their fares to provide funds to subsidize veteran transportation.

Safe America will also expand its ‘Welcome Home, Heroes’ veterans program to offer more medical care to solve PTSD and a pet dog to minimize depression. All of this will be announced May 18 at SunTrust Park as we salute Checker Cab’s President Rick Hewatt (left) together with Safe America CEO Len Pagano.

Here’s to partners MillerCoors, AMR, Jim Ellis Auto Group, Lockheed Martin and Primerica for helping Safe America offer transportation to get veterans to medical care. Donate online at VETV.US to help us transport veterans.

Take a Ride in Checker Cabs to Help Veterans