Remember the Days¬† when Safe America’s staff in 1998 started golf tournaments with Publix, Pepsi, Allstate and UPS. This photo – with Founder Len Pagano and senior staff – shows the ‘fun’ the staff also had (when there wasn’t any rain during the golf event that year!)¬†

Care to play golf? Then schedule Friday, Nov. 11 when we’ll host the ‘VET Tran Golf Tournament!’

The event – on the annual ‘Veterans Day’ will be held near Stone Mountain at the ‘Smoke Rise’ Country Club in Tucker, GA. And, it will include sponsors who support our military transportation program – plus other projects like ‘Home Front’ mental and medical assistance. Georgia Knights of Columbus will also be invited as ‘special guests’ (thanks to our partnership on VET Tran). To become a sponsor, call Executive Vice President Kirk Fordham at (678)-899-8505.

(Our thanks, also, to John White, Founder of Golf for Goodness Sake who’s raised over $50 million for non-profits!! Safe America will conduct a ‘Zoom call’ on July 21 with Knights of Columbus and Board members to determine how to ‘encourage golfers’ to raise funds – and have a ‘win’ to a vacation at North Myrtle Beach’s ‘Blockade Runner’ Motor Inn. Help Safe America’s successful golf tournaments in Metro Atlanta. And, watch discussions for 2023 golf tournament that may be considered in New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico.)